Web Technologies Consultant & Solutions Architect

Gagan S Goraya

Hi! I am a web technology professional. Over a career spaning 2 decades, I have experienced and acquired a very specific set of skills. From being a seasoned coder to a complete solution designer, I have come a long way. And still it feels like just a beginning. With technolgy evolving at an exponential pace, it requires a dedicated mindset to keep up. At the same time, this journey has been very exciting, and it gets better by the day.

If you have that great startup idea?

But struggling with aspects like.

Get in touch. And I can help you setup and deploy your Ideas into action.

Or If you are in trouble?

Your Project/Website/App is broken. Or, you just can't seem to find solution for your broken code. PHP / JS / Node / React / Vue / Angular, or database troubles. I may be able to help you.

Founder at Nimbufy.com Co Founder at BetterWP.com Co Founder at OxyPlugins.com Co Founder at OxyExtras.com Senior Developer for Oxygen Builder Former Developer at WPMUDEV